Monday, February 20, 2017

Photo: Jesus and John the Baptist

Jesus is the white figure emerging onto the scene. John the Baptist is the brown shadow who is decreasing so Christ must increase. The symbol of the fish in the foreground on the image of Jesus. 

Eucharistic symbols to the left: grapes, wheat, fruits; milk and honey. 

Photo: Bench

Prayer: Prayer said before the sessions of Vatican Council II

Holy Spirit, enlighten our hearts. Give us light and strength to know your will and to live it in our lives. Guide us by your wisdom; support us by your power. Enable us to uphold the rights of others; do not alow us to be misled by ignorance or corrupted by favor. Keep us faithful to all that is true.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Photo: Abraham with Ishmael and Isaac

Your descendents will be as numerous as the stars. Ishmael, born of an Egyptian servant, and Isaac, born of Sarah. Both blessed.

Prayer: Ignatius of Loyola

O God, I dedicate this day to you as I go about my work. I ask you to bless those with whom I come in contact. Lord, I pray for all men and women who work to earn their living; give them satisfaction in what they do. Spirit of God, comfort the unemployed and their families; they are your children and my brothers and sisters. I ask you to help them find work soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Photo: Boston on Ice

Prayer: Leo XIII

O Lord, restore to humankind the true peace of your name, that peace which the world cannot give, and the calm of social harmony. Under your favor and inspiration, may people overthrow the rule of greed and bring back again the love of God, justice, charity toward neighbor, and temperance in all desires. May your kingdom come. May all recognize that they are subject to you and must serve you who are the truth and salvation – that without you they labor in vain. In your law is reason and kindness: you are ever at hand with your strength and your copious power to help us to keep it. The weak you sustain; the victor your crown.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Photo: A Celtic Heart

Prayer: Celtic Prayer

May the Light of lights come to my dark heart. May the Spirit’s wisdom come to my heart from my Savior. May the peace of the Spirit be mine this night, the peace of the Son be mine this night, the peace of the Father be mine this night, the peace of all peace be mine this night and each morning and evening of my life.